Earth Berm Cottage


  • Square footage of 216 square feet ( 12 feet x 18 feet).
  • Rubble trench foundation with concrete footer. Drain pipe installed around perimeter of foundation.
  • Stick frame construction. 2×6 load bearing stud walls. Double stud construction on long(18 foot) front wall for final wall width of 12 inches.
  • Earth berm on sides and back walls.
  • Front wall infilled with light clay clay. Short walls infilled with lime stabilized cob.
  • Polyethylene liner attached to short walls for moisture protection
  • Low pitch gable style roof
  • Living roof. Roof load calculated to accommodate 60pounds per square foot or approximately of wet soil at 6 inches depth.
  • Water and electricity supplied by Timber Frame Cabin.
  • Rocket water heater.
  • Outdoor shower with radiant heat floor.


Design Overview Video