Timber Frame Cabin


  • Square footage of 384 square feet (16 feet x 24 feet) with 192 square feet of loft space. 448 square of exterior covered porch space.
  • Pier and beam foundation.
  • Load bearing structure is timber frame construction consisting of rough sawn large dimension timbers (e.g. 8x8s, 8x12s) using mortise and tenon joinery.
  • The walls are 8 to 10 inches thick infilled with light clay straw. Light clay straw is straw coated with clay slip(watery clay) for binding. It has significantly more straw than the typical cob mix resulting in better insulative qualities. The R value of light clay straw is 1.5-2 per inch depending on how tightly it is packed.
  • Internal to the load bearing structure is framing of dimensional lumber (e.g. 2x8s) that provides attachments for windows and doors and supports light clay straw infill.
  • Cathedral ceiling with exposed rafters and 2×6 tongue and groove decking.
  • Rigid foam board mounted on roof deck provides roof insulation.
  • Vented roof deck with standing seam concealed fastener metal roof panels.
  • Supplemental cooling provided by 12000 BTU electric mini split air conditioner. Supplemental heating provided portable propane space heaters.
  • Not connected to public electric, water or sewer facilities and incorporates the following elements:
    • 4 kilowatts of solar PV modules located on the south facing monoslope roof.
    • A 48 volt 20 kilowatt-hour flooded lead acid battery bank.
    • Two 1650 gallon above ground rain water storage tanks
    • Composting toilet (bucket system)
    • A branched drain gray water system
    • Propane tankless water heater
    • Propane range
  • Other finishing and furnishing elements
    • Interior and exterior finished with earthen plaster consisting of sand, clay and straw
    • Alternating tread stair for loft access with counterbalanced raising mechanism
    • Slide out under counter top opening fridge(converted from chest freezer)
    • Custom built banquette with integrated storage and pedestal table
    • Bottle wall made from recycled beer bottles
    • An office desk that folds up to conceal wall mounted monitors


Video Series


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