Wall Framing

After much deliberation as to how to frame the walls and some tinkering with window sizes and locations we started framing the walls this week. I also removed the temporary loft flooring and installed the tongue and groove decking.

Here’s a time lapse video of this past week:

And here are some still shots with more details:

Dismantling the rafter/beam slide

Jean puts the finishing touches on a late addition beam

Removing the temporary loft flooring

Staining the late addition beam

Securing the post to the floor with lag screws and removing the post base brackets. The brackets were kind of ugly and would interfere with the wall framing.

Lifting the last beam into position

Jeans snaps a chalk line showing where an interior wall will be.

Positioning the tongue and groove deck boards in the loft.

Securing the deck boards

Almost finished with the loft floor.

Receiving a lumber delivery for the wall framing and finishing the roof.

That’s a lot of lumber to move up the hill

Framing the first section of wall

Raising the wall 

I had to notch the studs and plates where the angle braces were

Laying out the plates

Cutting wall pieces

Adding cripple boards

This wall was a little wide so we had to cut 1/4″ off of the top plate

Raising the wall with front door

Installing cripple boards

Moving more lumber up the hill

Building the last ground floor wall

This was less dangerous than it looks here

Building the loft wall

Raising the loft wall

Reconstructing the temporary scaffolding.