Framing and Furring Strips

Work continued this week on framing the exterior walls. We finished the front of the cabin but didn’t have enough lumber to complete the rake walls. Our supplier had run out of the 2X8s we were using and wasn’t able to get the rest of order to us until Friday afternoon. So, we started adding the furring strips and horizontal strapping. We also began framing the interior walls.

Finishing the framing on the front wall.

Here’s a time lapse video of the week. Check out pictures with more details below.

Adding horizontal strapping

I didn’t remove this stump because it will eventually be covered by the deck. It’s proved useful for an ingress/egress point.

Laying out furring strips

Securing furring strips to the stud bays.

Laying out interior wall

Our cousin Michael and his Dad were in Austin for a couple of days for part of their swing through the United States. They came by the site on their way out of town.

Raising interior wall

We spent a fair portion of this week lugging lumber up the hill.

Jean climbing the walls

Aaron climbing the walls