Framing and Porch Foundation

Pouring the piers for the porch

I’ve gotten a little behind with the weekly recap. Late April and early May we received some significant rain which kept us off the job site for several days. When the weather was good we were able to frame out the rest of the exterior walls, frame the interior loft wall, and do some work on the porch foundation. We made a brief attempt to work on the roof but the weather didn’t cooperate.

Here’s the time lapse video for the first half of May:

And here is are some stills with more details:

Raising the eastern rake wall. With this wall we framed it on the ground and raised it up. It proved difficult raising it past the rafters so we assembled the rake wall on the other side in place.

Assembling the western rake wall in place

Adding blocking between studs to attach the interior wall. 

Adding interior wall for loft bathroom

Framing short wall for loft south side exterior wall

Laying out porch pier locations

Porch pier location staked out

Removing an encroaching root

The Inspectors

Cleaning out the bottom of a hole

Reusing the forms for the T-Brick shed project for pier cap forms

I thought we might have a window of clear weather so we started preparations for finishing the roof. Here, we are constructing the blocking that will hold the insulation in place. 

Moving up a section of blocking

Assembling blocking on the roof

We ended up getting rained out before we got very far. I’ll talk more about the roof in the next weekly recap. 

We got some heavy rain that partially back filled some of the holes for the piers so Paul dug them back out again.

Pouring concrete for piers. For posterity’s sake Paul was mixing the concrete outside the scope of the camera.
Troweling surface smooth and level

Pushing in J-bolt. I have some post base hardware that will attach to the bolts and keep our wooden posts out of contact with the concrete.

Checking that the J-bolts are lined up with string

Secondly and hopefully last round of concrete piers done!