Water Distribution System

Within a few weeks of plumbing in our gutters to our water tanks the tanks were full. The next thing was to get the water from the tanks to the house.

Here’s the video documenting the process:

And here are some stills with more details:

The first step of the process was building a central hub for water pump, pressure tank and filtration unit.

We’ll also install a solar batch hot water heater on the roof. The roof is angled at 30 degrees which should be around optimum for catching the sun in the winter at our latitude.

I dug an 8″ to 12″ deep trench to connect the water tanks to the pump house

The beginnings of the pump house install

Running conduit to supply power to the pump house

Pulling wire through the conduit

Man/Womanhandling the hot water tank into it’s insulated box

Paul threatens another wardrobe malfunction

Running 1″ PVC pipe from the water tank to the pump house

These series of valves will allow us to isolate the tanks from each other and the pump house  

We have a 1/2″ PEX line(red) for hot water and a 3/4″ pex line (white) for the cold water supply 

The water lines tee under the house and run to the kitchen and the bathroom

I used 2″ pipe clamps to position the PEX pipes for install. After wrapping the pipes with insulation I installed additional strapping to remove the sag.

The completed pump house

Here’s the finishing plumbing under the kitchen sink. From left to there’s the hot water line, drain, cold water line and then a line for an exterior faucet

I used this metal strapping to secure the piping to the grade beam