Sorry for lack of posts recently. We’re were pretty pushing hard in June and July to get the cabin livable so we could move in by the first of August. We’re in now and my computer is set back up so I can start processing pictures and videos again.

In May, we installed 3/4″ tongue and groove hardwood flooring on the ground floor. In the loft we used an floating engineered hardwood flooring product.

Before we installed the ground floor flooring we drilled holes in the subfloor between the joists and blew in cellulose insulation. If you remember from the sub floor install last year we fastened 1″ of polyiso insulation board to the underside of the floor joists. This gave the floor an insulation value of R-5. With the blown in cellulose in the joist cavity we’ve probably tripled the insulation value and added some sound dampening.

Check out the video for more details: