Earthen Plaster (Finish Coat)

We finished plastering the inside of the cabin a couple of weeks ago. Check out the recap video here:

And here are some stills with more details:

With the highest sections of the wall plastered it was time to remove the scaffolding.

For most of the house we we’re going for a buttermilk color with our plaster. In the loft bedroom we used an aquamarine blue pigment to get a light blue color

Mixing the buttermilk plaster we added 1 part C&C ball clay to 1 part water

In our case 1 part was a large plastic glass

Then we added 1/8th part yellow iron oxide pigment

The final step was add 3 parts masonary sand 
The wet plaster had an unsavory mustard color but it dried significantly lighter

We applied the finish plaster approximately 1/4″ thick

At the end of day I would take a wet sponge to all the new plaster to smooth out trowel marks and event out sections where new plaster connected with dry plaster

Misting the wall frequently was really important to prevent the plaster from cracking.

I made this door for the bathroom but it was a lot of work. We’re planning to but premade interior doors and use this one as Jean’s desk.