Timber Framing Joinery: The Posts

The lumber for our timber frame was delivered last week before we poured the piers. My friend John came out to the site Monday to show me how to lay out the mortise and tenon joinery. I started cutting on Tuesday. The weather took a weird twist. I started out the week in short sleeves and by Friday I was wearing four layers and it was sleeting.

This Sunday we started a marriage study in our small group at church. I think a component of the course should be cutting joinery with your spouse in a sleet storm. 
The delivery driver had some steel to snake his truck back here to drop of the timbers

I started cutting the joinery for the posts primarily because they were stacked on top of the other timbers
Cutting a tenon (Aaron) and a mortise housing (Jean)

My Dad worked out a system for transporting timbers to the top of the hill

Here’s a video recap of the week: