Electric Wiring

We finishing up wiring the house in early January. I’m currently working on installing the solar power system so we don’t know yet if everything is working correctly. Check out the video recap of the wiring process below.

And here are some stills with more details:

This is the circuit diagram for the ground floor. You can see that circuits 1 and 2 (dark green & light blue) have the the most connections feeding lights and outlets in the Living Room and Bedroom. Circuits 5 & 6 will serve power for the kitchen counter appliances. #7 will be for the refrigerator. #8 & #10 are for the air conditioner unit. Circuit #11(not pictured) will serve the loft and #12 is for the bathroom.

The panel schedule. This is how the circuits will be organized in the breaker box. Generally, you want to balance your loads on the left and right sides.
Installing an outlet in the bedroom/office

The first phase of wiring involved installing all of the outlets and switches. Michael is feeding about a 4′ length of wire through the conduit so there will about a foot of wire sticking out underneath the house. In phase 2 I’ll tie all those ends together.

Jean wiring the switch for the kitchen exhaust fan

Exhaust fan switch mid-wiring

Good job Jean!

In the second phase, I ran wires from the breaker box to feed all the outlets and switches

Installing the breaker box

All circuits pulled into breaker box