Water Tank Pad Preparation and Tank Install

Well, we’re on our way to rain water collection. In late August we ordered a couple of 1680 gallon
water tanks. While we were waiting for them to come in we prepared two pads using screened road base and coarse sand.

The tanks came in mid-September. With some help from our neighbors and family members we picked them up and rolled them up the hill and on to the pads.

Here’s a video of the process:

And here are some stills with more details:

Each tank is just under 7 feet in diameter so I made the pads a little over 8 feet in diameter. 

Driving rebar around the perimeter

Installing metal lawn edging. The edging is approximately 4 inches tall

Checking level

Leveling the pad

I might install my own drain spout on the uphill tank. If so this is where it will be.

Filling the pad with screened road base

Tamping the pad

I used all the screened road base that I had on hand and decided to finish off the pad with coarse sand

These turkeys are the newest addition to our menagerie
Picking up the water tanks in Dripping Springs.

We transported both tanks on a 16 foot trailer

Tanks safely delivered
Due to some equipment failure (namely a flaky electrical cord) I didn’t get many pictures of rolling the tanks up the hill. We did get a little rain shower which was noteworthy.