First Chip Drop

Chip drop is a service that connects arborists who need to get rid of wood chips generated from their jobs with people who want lots of wood chips. Flexibility is the key though. I signed up for a chip drop in April and there wasn’t an arborist who needed the service in my area until late May. You also need to have space to take the entire load of wood chips. No partial loads. You also may or may not get notified that the arborist is coming by. In my case he gave me about a half hour heads up to confirm I still wanted them.

Probably around 8-10 yards of chipped up cottonwood

It took us about us about two weeks to move the majority of the pile. A few days later Jean’s running buddy said she couldn’t meet up to run because she had hired arborists to do some work at her house.

“So, what are doing with those wood chips.” Jean asked and later that afternoon we had another 10 yards dumped off. June has been pretty hot so we’re still working through that pile.

The second load.