Garden Fence Installation

Spring is coming on fast which means there’s no time like the present to get those beds ready for planting. First order of business however is installing some deer protection. On this lovely Sunday afternoon I managed to rope in a few participants for the endeavor.

The participants. Some were more willing than others. I’ll let you guess who.

We used a mason’s string and some stakes to create a preliminary design. Then we ran the wheel barrow around the circuit a few times to ensure there were no choke points.

The fence post height debate. Dad wanted to use the 10′ posts. I thought that would be too prisonesque and opted to use the 5′ one. I’m hedging a bet that the enclosure will be too tight for a deer to be comfortable jumping in. 

Post driving. Fortunately, it’s deep clay in this section of the yard and not limestone.

Installing the fence

More fence installation and some mugging for the camera

Clearing out the beds

Gate installation