T-Brick Shed: Rubble Trench French Drain Installation

The last thing Jean told me before she left for the UK was that I had better finish the shed project before she gets back or else. The trench was a little soggy still but I decided to press on with the french drain installation for fear what that else may be (Although, I’m hoping the “else” will be make me a delicious sandwich). I dug out the high section blocking  the drain outlet and and cleaned up a some edges before putting down landscape fabric and a layer of gravel.

Putting down the landscape fabric in the trench. Landscape fabric is water permeable but significantly less sediment permeable. This will help prevent the gravel and french drain from becoming blocked up with silt.

Here’s my work crew.

The tamp/rake tango

Release the hose!

Uncoiling the perforated tubing.

First objective was to fill in the tripping hazard that is the drain outlet. Note how we form a sort of gravel/perforated hose burrito with the landscape fabric.

We made a shallow gravel bed for the perforated hose to rest on. After getting the next gravel load I’ll give it good tamping for laying the hose down and covering it.

The test bricks are doing fine. If I push really hard I can make a tiny imprint in them with my thumb.


The tamping machine