One of the these eggs is not like the other

I guess we’ve put on enough daylight hours since the winter solstice that my parents’ chickens have starting laying again. They’re not messing around either. There are five hens and one day my Mom found seven eggs. I was making an omelet last week from some eggs they gave us and the first one I broke open had this really pale yellow yolk. I’d heard that in the winter time, with the absence of fresh greens, that this kind of yolk is common. Some chefs even have special winter recipes for these kind of eggs.

Cracking the next three eggs revealed the bright orange, beta carotene rich yolks I had become accustomed to from our free range hens. Someone was definitely not eating her spinach.


Talked to my Mom and turns out that the mystery fourth egg probably came from grocery store. The parents had to take desperate measures when the hens went on an egg laying hiatus in December.