Peaches and Monsters in the Garden


The garden is doing really well this year. I’ve been a little tied up with quail tractors and other projects but my Mom filled in the garden quite nicely. The onions and oregano have really taken off (foreground) as well the comfrey (right). Squash, peppers, and tomatoes are in middle and a variety of melons are in the back.  

With the mild winter we had this year the peach tree we planted a year ago leafed out in January. I thought for sure we would have a late freeze but a few month later we have a couple of dozen peaches.

A monstrous comfrey plant. I’ll harvest the leaves soon to make a compost tea.

Speaking of monsters. I found this giant larva in rotten log several weeks ago.

In other monster sightings, the white chicken is a Cornish cross breed typically raised for meat. It weighs about as much as the three other chickens combined and is a week younger.