Quail Update: Eggs!

Over the Easter weekend I made a few modifications to the quail tractor including upgrading the water reservoir from the half gallon coffee can to a 2 gallon bucket, reorienting some doors and adding a loft dust bath area. I transferred the males and a couple of females into a vacant chicken brooder at my parent’s place and moved the newly modified tractor and seven quail hens to our friends’ and their new wards’ house.

Luxuriating in the new loft dust bath
First egg! Our friends sent us this picture on April 20th while we were at Big Bend. That’s just shy of a month since we got the quail putting them at 5-6 weeks old. Now they’re getting 4-7 eggs a day. 
Today I found seven eggs in the quail brooder at my parent’s place.
Fried quail eggs