Quail: More Hatchlings

I received a second batch of fertilized eggs(this time from Minnesota) a couple of weeks ago. 19 of the 31 eggs have hatched.

Drying off in the incubator

Instead of the water trough this time, I installed a hanging bottle with water nipples. The chicks didn’t have any issues with using them.

The warmth cave

 I like the warmth cave better than a heat lamp for a couple of reasons:

  1. There’s less of a fire hazard
  2. The chicks seem to be more relaxed. I don’t know if it’s because they have a place to hide or just not having a light on all the time.

The downside is that according to my measurements the cave only heats up the interior to 15°-20°F greater than the ambient temperature.

To quote Jean, “They are soooooo cute!”

Using the water nipples

After a couple of days they’ve doubled in size

A tiny bit of variation. The yellow chick will turn white as an adult.