Shed Down

With the T-Brick shed in operation the time for the removal of  the old shed is long overdue . Over the past couple of weekends Paul and I have dismantled the structure.

Paul working the sledge hammer to remove a particularly obstinate piece that we believe would bring the old structure tumbling down. Our father who had constructed it several decades ago swore that he had used some screws in the assembly. Alas, all we found were lots of very long nails and bolts. For an edifice seemed destine to fall apart on its on accord disassembly was elusive…

…For a while at least. After a few critical structural elements were removed Paul was able to push the old shed over single-handedly.

“Fire is bright and fire is clean.”
To tell the truth I was most interested in getting rid of the old shed for the salvage. We were able to recover a good deal of the lumber but insects and time had gotten the better of a fair amount of the material.

Scouring the old pictures I realize that I didn’t take too many shots of the old shot. Here’s a shot from 2013 for reference.
Here’s a in the late stages of its removal.