T-Brick Shed: Wrapping up the Exterior Plaster

Shredded Paper

The exterior plaster work is drawing to a close. Well, for now at least. We’ll see how it looks after the rain storm next week. But for now, it’s looking pretty good.

I’m still struggling a bit with cracking. I’ve been playing with different ratios of sand clay and straw over the past month. My newest experiment uses shredded paper rather than straw. The paper fibers are significantly smaller and seem to blend more evenly. With some mixing the paper disappears and the plaster ends up smooth and creamy. Also, the plaster dries slower which should help prevent cracking. I’m not sure if the slower dry time is a result of the paper or cooler temperatures.

I let the shredded paper soak for a few minutes before adding it the clay-sand mixture. With a little mixing it dissolves completely.
In this close up of the plaster you can see the tiny paper fibers. Part of the reason cow manure was a component of traditional cob is all the little plant fibers in the manure.

Plastering the north wall earlier this month

Before starting work today

Jean wetting down the wall around the door in preparation for sculpting.

“I told you not to pick that up Jean!”

Old ladies on ladders. I wonder if that domain name is taken.

Beginning the sculpture above the door.

Cleaning up the bottle window

Looking good Jean!

Looking around Pinterest it seems like a DIY project isn’t complete unless it includes a pallet. 

Jean just needs gloves, some mud and a plan.

Jean’s father-in-law isn’t much of a mud connoisseur but if carpentry and/or power tools are involved, he’s in. 

Cob sculpture date night!

Not a bad day’s work