Earth Berm Cottage – Final Walkthrough

The cottage has effectively been complete since I installed the shower in September 2023 and we’ve had guests stay well before then with some particularly brave souls in November 2022 with the fumes of linseed oil still in the air from the freshly laid earthen floor and the berm not yet built to keep the inside space warm.

Since finishing the shower I’ve knocked off several less glamorous odd and ends around the cottage like trenching in internet service, adding a deck, adding a wood/utility shed to said deck and tacking on the last of the trim work. With spring fully sprung here in central Texas I though it was time to give the cottage a final(for now) look.

I still might publish some addendum pieces. Perhaps a full build video and definitely a follow up after a few years. Anyway here is the walkthrough video. Enjoy! Also, we’re planning to start renting out the cottage on a limited basis starting June 1, 2024 so stay tuned.

And here are some stills: