T-Brick Shed:18th Course

Summer has definitely arrived. It got up to a balmy 96 degrees today with a heat index over 100 degrees. Fortunately, the heavy lifting is just about over. Over last Friday and today we knocked out the 18th (and final) course. Whew!

Installed the door lintel

Western wall complete! Yay!

The good thing about 90+ degree temperatures is that the mud dries mighty fast. Within half an hour of setting a block I was able to pull off the form and fill in the gaps.

Working along the northern wall

Filling in the gaps

Over the span of 18th courses the mud has really caked on to some of the forms making them difficult to remove. I dismantled this one. Not going to need it anymore in the near future.

Filling in more gaps
Building temporary forms for the door lintel. Since there will only be about six inches between the lintel and the bond beam I thought it would be best to make the cob about the lintel in one continuous section.

These recycled screws will help the cob grip the lintel. The gap in between the two 4X4s will help key the cob into the lintel.

Working on the eastern wall.

Filling in above the lintel.

Checking the level of the line level. The southwest corner was about an inch lower than the northeast corner. Not bad.

I added a little cob to few a lot spots. I’ll probably have to do a little bit more but I’d say wall construction is complete. From the grade beam the height is 8′ 3″

Mission accomplished! On to the roof!